Bible Studies

Monday Evening Bible Study

Pastor Margot

Study on the Gospel of Luke at Leola Stigleman’s home.  All are invited to join in.  The study will be video-guided.  Our study guide (Luke: To the Lovers of God) is available.



Monday evenings, 7:00 PM



Wednesday Morning Women’s Bible Study

Our Group started September 12—9:45 for visiting—lesson at 10:00.  We meet at my home every Wednesday except for Senior Lunches or Holidays.

We will be looking at Medieval history.  After collapse of the Western Roman Empire—476 AD—the main unifying force in Europe was the Church.  It was under the supreme authority of the Pope who was seen as the successor of St. Peter.  As head of the Church, the pope wielded spiritual authority over all of Europe—the State as well as administration of the Church.  The Church and State were viewed as two different aspects of one complete Christian Society called Christendom.  The common man was totally subservient to his King and Pope— emphasis was placed on preparation for the Paradise of afterlife.  Medieval society was divided into 3 estates depending on birth.  The first estate was Clergy; the second was Nobility; third was Peasantry (who fed the other 2 estates).  Education was conducted under the auspices of the Church in cathedral schools—those who benefited were Clergy and Nobility.

We will study short biographies of some of the major Medievals of this period such as:  Justinian I, Gregory the Great, Peter Abelard, Charlemagne, Bernard of Clairvaux, Francis of Assisi, Thomas Aquinas, Dante Alighieri,  et al.    Each lesson builds on the previous one, so it is a bit of a commitment to keep current with the Group.  Contact me if interested—503-324-3102.

Dianne Harrang

Wednesday mornings, 10:00 AM