Pastor’s Column – October 2018

Pastor’s Column

Because of changes and shifting circumstances, I am not traveling very far for my vacation this week.  It has become a sort of stay-cation, and the pace is slow and easy.  Have taken this stretch to pray about what God has been doing in my life this past year.  In my searching and thinking I came upon this poem from the introduction to Experiencing God, by Blackaby and King:

I Hear a Whisper
I feel a restless longing
Deep within my spirit, Lord
Like there’s more to this life of faith
Than I have known before

And from this place of discontent
You’ve heard my constant cry
Now You’ve begun to answer, Lord
For I cannot deny

I hear a whisper in the silence
A stirring in the wind
Saying I can know where You are moving
And I can join in
I can have purpose and passion
Know Your will and know my part
I hear a whisper and I’m feeling
Change is coming to my heart

-Experiencing God (c 1999 Star Song)

This holy discontent that is the call of eternity upon a Jesus-follower’s heart is familiar to you as the call to prayer, the hunger to read God’s Word and meet and get to know Jesus better, or a calling to mission and ministry among those who have not yet met Christ.  We have purpose and passion because God invites us continually into a real, personal relationship with Him.
The season of autumn is always exciting to me.  It is a time when students of all sorts return to their studies — at every level.  In the church, we traditionally renew our commitment to small group meetings, Bible study and the mission of the church.  The trees are displaying their colors that were not evident when chlorophyll was abundant in their leaves.  The country side is stunning in its transformation.
This revealing of hidden beauty in fall foliage is a parable for the spiritual vision to which we are drawn in our journey with Jesus.
Jesus was fond of telling folks, “The (unseen) kingdom of God is at hand!”  In the same way, when the work of chlorophyll, producing nutrient for the plant and oxygen for the atmosphere, stops in an oak or a maple tree, the presence of carotenoids and anthocyanins is revealed in yellow, red, orange and magenta — there all along, but unseen.  It is a glorious appearing.  What was hidden is revealed.
My prayer for you and for me is that God will whisper His perfect will into our lives this season.  May the Holy Spirit stir your spirit so that you hear and respond to Jesus’ calling.  May we all renew our commitment to be about prayer, presence, gifts, service and witness in the church and in our community — revealing God’s glory afresh!
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